Contributing to the preservation of Bön, Tibet’s oldest spiritual tradition.

THE BÖN CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION – operating in Quebec, Canada – is a non-profit corporation founded in 2006, by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, his friends and students. The Foundation was recognized as a charity organization in 2009.

The Foundation supports the Bön culture by financially supporting children and young adults of the Bön community who live as refugees in Northern India. The Foundation also raised awareness about the Bön tradition, through public workshops and conferences. The Foundation is staffed exclusively of volunteers. The entirety of donations received are sent to the Bön Children’s Home (B.C.H.), in Dolanji, India, center of the Bön tradition in exile.


THE BÖN CHILDREN’S HOME (B.C.H.), located in Northen India, offers housing, schooling, medical care, clothing and more, to Bön children whose families were forced into exile by the Chinese occupation of Tibet. On average, there are around 200 children enrolled at the Bön Children’s Home each year, ranging from 5 to 18 years old (their number and ages vary each year, as many of them graduate and new ones are enrolled).


The President, Founder and Director of the Bön Children’s Home, Latri Khenpo Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, is a senior geshe at sMenri Monastery in Dolanji, India, and one of the new generation of Bön Masters. He is also the lineage holder and abbot of Latri Monastery in the Kham region of eastern Tibet. Rinpoche has given Bön teachings in the U.S., Europe and Asia since 1989. He adheres strictly to the authentic Yungdrung Bön texts and teachings as passed down for thousands of years. He is the author of Opening the Door to Bon, the premier guide to the Ngondro practices for Western students of Bön. He is the founder and Spiritual Director of Bön centers throughout the world: in Canada, the U.S., Austria, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Thailand. His teachings serve as fundraising events for the Bön Children’s Home.


WORKSHOPS AND CONFERENCES are organized every year by the Bön Children’s Foundation, in Quebec – Montreal, St-Jérôme et St-Sauveur. They are open to the public, to practitioners and anyone interested in knowing more about Bön, the Tibetan culture, meditation, etc.


SPONSORSHIP & SUPPORT: Contribute to the preservation of a remarkable ancient spiritual tradition, part of humanity’s world heritage.

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Fondation Des Enfants Bön

Le montant de 1$ est indiqué à titre d’exemple seulement. Toutes les donations reçues permettent au Bön Children’s Home d’assurer l’éducation et les soins nécessaires à leurs étudiants. *The 1$ amount is an example only. Please replace this value with the amount you wish to donate. All donations received are used by the Bön Children’s Home for their students’ education and care costs.


Make a donation by check to : Programme de parrainage, Bön Children Foundation, 900, boul. Grignon, C.P 35054, Saint-Jérôme (Québec), Canada, J7Y 3S7

1. One time donation: You can make a single donation in the amount of your choice to help the Bön Children’s Home meet any of its special needs.

2. Sponsorship program: You can support the education of a child at the primary, secondary or higher levels. In order to meet the needs of the children living at the B.C.H., it is essential that each child receive help from a sponsor. Unfortunately, many children still don’t have a sponsor and there isn’t sufficient funding. The money sent through sponsorship is used as follows :

  • food 55.5%
  • building maintenance and repair 12.7%
  • wages 8.7%, clothing 8.3%
  • medical care 6.2%
  • school supplies 4.4%
  • hygiene products 4.2%

Sponsors commit for a minimum of one year. If a sponsor wishes to discontinue his/her commitment, the Bön Children Foundation requests a three months notice, in order to find a new sponsor for the child.  Several people can also collectively share a sponsorship. Sponsors can send letters, photos or school supplies directly to the children. The children answer their mail personally .

3. Post-secondary education: In India, where they live in exile, young Tibetans’ prospects are very limited. Those who are capable of pursuing post-secondary studies have a much better chance of finding decent employment. Below you will find examples of the graduate studies and their respective total fees for one year (tuition, accommodation, food):

  • Nursing – 1000 USD or 800 euros
  • BHC Nursing – 2000 USD or 1600 euros
  • Business Administration – 2000 USD or 1600 euros
  • Bachelor’s of Arts – 1120 USD or 950 euros

Watch the video below to find out more about the post-secondary education sponsorship.

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